What forms of DanceSport are there in Australia?

What forms of DanceSport are there in Australia?

There are two main international styles of DanceSport they are:  
  • Standard (Which used to be called "Modern")
  • Latin American

Separate Competitions are held for Standard and Latin dances as the two styles are so different. The differences are particularly reflected by the costumes worn by the dancers during these competitions. Ladies dresses worn for the Standard dances are long and flowing, to enhance the movements created during these dances and the Gentlemen wears a Suit of Tails. In contrast, the dresses worn by the Ladies for the Latin dances are designed to show the movements of the individual body parts used to interpret the various Latin rhythms. The Gentlemen wearing fitted long pants with a fitted or loose shirt to match.

Standard Dances are: Modern Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz and Tango

Latin Dances are: Rumba (the dance of Love), Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Jive and the Paso Doble (dance of the Matador)

There is also a third style of DanceSport which is completely Australian, which is called:  New Vogue

Unlike the Standard Ballroom and Latin American styles of dancing, New Vogue is a sequence style of dancing. Everyone on the dance floor dances the same steps together. Thus making these dances easy to learn, and enjoyable. Many mature people prefer this type of dancing, but it also is popular at social Cabarets where there are large numbers of dancers on the floor, of mixed ages, who can follow easily the person in front of them.

New Vogue Dances are: Evening 3-step, Merrilyn, Parma Waltz, Gypsy Tap, Swing Waltz, Carousel, Tangoette, La Bomba, Charmaine, Lucille, Twilight, Barclay Blues, Tango Terrific and Excelsior Scottische.