Age Groups for Dancers in Australia

Age Groups for Dancers in Australia

DanceSport caters for all ages:

  • Juvenile (under 13 years)
  • Junior (13-15 years)
  • Youth (16-19 years)
  • Adult (16-34 years)
  • Masters 1 (35-49 years)
  • Masters 2 (50+ years)
  • Masters 3 (60+years)
  • Professional (16 years and over)

Each age group is further broken down into performance levels according to their number of championships or competition wins. The levels range from C Grade - to A Grade. Couples must complete elevation marks before elevating from one level to another. This will be common to all Levels in recreational and Grades in competitoive sections across all Age Groups.

There is a restricted syllabus (which means not all dance sequences are allowed to be performed) for the following sections:

Juvenile Grades
Junior, Adult and Masters 1,2 & 3

Juvenile competitors are required to comply with a separate dress code, that is they are not permitted to wear full dress costumes.

Junior, Adult and Masters Recreational Levels are non-competitive attire.

Junior,Adult and Masters Registered Couples all grades are in competitive attire

So whether you dance socially or compete for fun or personal satisfaction, your can pursue your ambitions to an elite dancer. DanceSport has the criteria to cater for all participants as an exciting and rewarding pastime, as well as a competitive sport.